Non-visible 1 Gb/s Optical Wired Connectivity for Home

Empower Your Digital Experience with Kdpof’s Innovative Network Solutions for Home and Office Connectivity.


Plastic Optical fiber is not electrically conductive and its cross section and bending radius allows its routing through in any duct or collocated next to any wire, even electrical cabling avoiding the use of expensive new ducts or visible trucking inside walls.


  • Home Networks
  • Small Offices/Home Offices (SOHOs)


  • Cost-efficient
  • Robust
  • Highly tolerant to bending and installation manipulation
  • Easy to install as a do‐it-yourself network with no specific skills required
  • Very easy monitorization and low-cost components

Product for Home Networks

The KDPOF transceiver KD1053 incorporates leading-edge digital communication technology developed by KDPOF, which is based on the company’s reliable and short time-to-market ASIC architecture. 

The custom Digital Signal Processor is based on Transport Triggered Architecture (TTA), optimized for adaptive filtering.

The EVB1053-HOME-MXL board is a tool to evaluate the KD1053 Gigabit Ethernet POF Transceiver IC (7 mm x 7 mm, 56-pin, QFN package) from KDPOF.

Empowering Gigabit Connectivity: Introducing KD1053, seamlessly aligning with IEEE standards for automotive optical communication over POF.