Innovative Connectivity Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Discover how our cutting-edge solutions redefine automotive connectivity, enhancing your driving experience like never before.


Optical fiber technology enhances the automotive industry by improving data transmission speeds, reducing weight, and increasing reliability.

It enables high-speed communication between vehicle systems and is immune to electromagnetic interference.

Additionally, its lightweight nature improves fuel efficiency and performance. Optical fibers advance vehicle connectivity, safety, and efficiency.


Optical fiber technology benefits the industrial sector with high-speed, reliable data transmission over long distances, immune to electromagnetic interference. This supports advanced automation, real-time monitoring, and control systems, enhancing operational efficiency. Their durability and low maintenance reduce downtime and operational costs, improving connectivity, safety, and efficiency in industrial applications.

  • ADAS sensor Interconnection.
  • Safe Backbone.


  • Lower weight -> Increased overall fuel efficiency.
  • Security proved -> Not easy hackable.
  • EMC-free.
  • Galvanic Isolation.
  • Small bending radius.
  • IEEE 802.3cz standard compliant.
  • Longer range -> Up to 40 meters with 4 inline connectors.
  • Same Harness up to 100Gbps.

Products for Automotive Networks

The 1Gb/s solution aimed for automotive in-vehicle communications is a two-IC port: KD9351 and KD1053.

The KDPOF EVB9351AUT is a board for a comprehensive evaluation of the KDPOF KD9351 and KD1053 transceivers for automotive optical 1000BASE-RHC PHY implementation.

The EVB9351-AUT-SW-NXP board is an automotive Ethernet switch with five optical 1000BASE-RHC ports.

The multigigabit solution is single optical chip module KD7251, transmitting over Glass Optical Fiber (GOF) aimed for automotive in-vehicle communications.

EVB9351-SFP: Revolutionizing Vehicle Connectivity with KD’s 1000BASE-RH SFP Module.

Revolutionize In-Vehicle Networks with KD9351: A Cost-Efficient 1 Gb/s Fiber Optic Transceiver.