Ethernet over POF for Industrial

Enhancing Industrial Connectivity: Discover the Power of Ethernet over POF for Seamless and Reliable Communication Solutions.



  • Industrial Networks
  • Aerospace
  • Railway

Advantages of POF in Industrial Environments

  • Immunity to electrically noisy environments
    Being optical, POF is a solution for industrial environments where electrical noise can be an issue for copper-based communications.
  • Easy layout reusing electrical conduits
    Not being a conductor and immune to electrical noise, POF can be laid where powerline lines are to facilitate installation.
  • Connectored and Connector-less
    Cabling can be terminated in the field with easy connectorization or can be pre-connectorized.
  • Multiple line bundles with signal integrity
    Crosstalk does not exist so running lines in parallel is not a concern.
  • Easy layout in harsh environments/moving parts
    Due to its nature and mechanical robustness, POF can be installed under water, in chemically hazardous places, in highly vibrating systems, in high temperature and low temperature environments, etc.
  • Communication channel with galvanic isolation
    While providing connectivity, it also isolates systems, which is ideal for controlling electrical and battery systems.

Product for Industrial Networks

The KD1053 is targeted for industrial applications where reliable networking in a harsh environment is a must. 

These products are equipped with specific features that make each ideal for industrial environments, including precision time protocol stamping at the PHY layer, industrial EMC qualification certification, industrial temperature range, and industrial grade production quality.

The KDPOF EVB9351-SFP is an automotive optical 1000BASE-RHC small form factor pluggable (SFP) module.

The EVB7251 is an evaluation board for the KD7251 multigigabit chip.

Empowering Gigabit Connectivity: Introducing KD1053, seamlessly aligning with IEEE standards for automotive optical communication over POF.