Fabless semiconductor supplier KDPOF provides innovative cost-effective high-speed optical networking for harsh environments.


We are a fabless semiconductor company. We create solutions that enable high-speed reliable connections over optical fibers in harsh environments. 

Building on its expertise in High Performance Mixed Signal electronics, KD is driving innovation in the automotive, consumer, and professional industries, and in application areas including M2M, Advanced Driving Support Systems and Infotainment and Smart Home networks.

From its headquarters in Madrid/Spain, KD operates has commercial presence in more than 10 countries worldwide. KD’s high performance mixed signal technologies for automotive applications create new ways to make cars cleaner, 
safer, more comfortable, and more fun.

Our industry-leading in-vehicle network systems save lives and step-up reliability with lower weight. We consistently deliver connectivity solutions that rival the best in home technology and make it an ideal complement to Wi-Fi and device access.

Our focused R&D investments, our competencies in Communications Signal Theory, Analog, and Digital Processing, and our relentless commitment to quality and excellence make us a long-term partner in automotive. KD’s technology expertise enables delivery of innovative, easy-to-implement solutions that tailored to our customers’ needs.

Corporate values


  • To lead a revolution in the high-speed optical communications market by creating robust, affordable and usable products through innovative designs.


  • To be a Spanish company of worldwide innovation consolidated in the design and manufacture of optoelectronic devices.
  • A benchmark company in the worldwide market; the reference inventor of new optoelectronic technologies for communications.


  • Push technology limits.
  • Customer-centric.
  • Rethink technology.
  • Be excellent in everything we do.


Carlos Pardo

President, CEO, Co-founder

Mr. Pardo has a distinguished career as a manager in the microelectronics industry, excelling in leading R&D teams. He possesses extensive expertise in the high-tech silicon sector, encompassing both hardware and software development. Previously, he served as the Technical Director at SIDSA, where he managed R&D departments, product development, production, and customer support, among other responsibilities. Mr. Pardo also contributed significantly at Hewlett Packard SA Spain as an R&D engineer, handling various business functions, and at DS2 (Design of Systems on Silicon SA). He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Industrial Electronics from Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid (Spain).

Rubén Pérez de Aranda

CTO and Co-founder

Mr. Pérez – Aranda has served +20 years as a manager of R&D projects for innovative digital communication systems, covering the full path from information theory-based research and innovation to integrated circuits design, qualification and production. He is co-inventor of 9 patents and main contributor of Multi-Gigabit Optical Automotive Ethernet standard IEEE Std 802.3cz. He is IEEE Senior Member and Industrial Engineer specialized on Electronics and Automatic Control (with honors) by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain.

Clara Cea D’Ancona

Corporate Quality

Clara Cea D’Ancona joined KDPOF as Quality and Environment Manager in 2017. She has an extensive experience in different fields: design, quality, environment, engineering, production, and education, with more than 30 years working in large multinational companies (in industries: Automotive, Telecommunication and Consumer Electronics). Prior to KDPOF, she was Quality and Environment Director with OrbisTecnologia Electrica. Before that, she was Manufacturing Manager, Quality and Environment Manager and Production Engineer at Hella, including in China. Clara also worked as ASIC Design Engineer at HP, Agere Systems, and Alcatel. She has a telecommunication engineering degree from UPM Madrid and a MBA from ESADE Business School. Clara is also an EOQ and a VDA 6.3 auditor.

Óscar Ciordia

Sales and Marketing Director

Mr. Ciordia has more than 20 years of experience in electronic systems engineering in multi-national companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Ficosa International and TRW. For five years, he served as the head of the Spanish National body for automotive safety technology with the target to considerably reduce road fatalities in Spain. Óscar Ciordia has a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Bachelor of arts in Applied Economy. He is Marketing and Sales Director of KDPOF.

Flor Neira

Operations Director

Flor has an extensive background on international positions for automotive and industrial  sector. She has held leading positions on Operations, R+D,  and eneral Management on companies as Valeo, TRW and Coxgomyl. +20 years experience leading teams and organizations through main transformation journeys. Flor holds a Master Degree on Industrial Mechanical Engineering  by UPM, Executive Education from IESE and professional certificate on Digital Transformation by MIT.


Choose My Company

In 2024, we were certified by ChooseMyCompany as a Happy Place to Work, and We Impact,making us one of the best companies to work for in Spain.


KD technology serves as the foundation for technical standards developed by leading European standards organizations.


The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) published in 2015 a new technical standard, which uses KD technology as the reference for Europe-wide Gigabit POF installations.

ETSI TS 105 175-1 (v2.0.0)

ETSI TS 105-175-1-1 (v1.1.1)

ETSI TS 105 175-1-2 (v1.1.1)


IEEE 802.3bv published the standard 1000BASE-RH as an amendment to 802.3 set of Ethernet specification.

IEEE Std 802.3cz was published in 2023 specifies speeds of 2.5, 5, 10, 25, and 50 Gb/s per lane. It meets automotive temperature requirements of -40 °C to +105 °C and OEM reliability requirements with a minimum of 15 years of operation with 10 FIT.


ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standardizes in-vehicle Ethernet with the series 21111. Several key components assure reliable implementations of systems that realize optical connectivity with 1 Gb/s as a physical layer.

ISO 21111-3:2020 specifies additional features to IEEE 802.3bv, such as wake-up and synchronized link sleep algorithms. It also contains a complete conformance test plan for IC providers that implement this standard.

ISO 21111-5:2020 specifies requirements at the system level and a complete conformance and interoperability test plan for ECU providers that implement optical 1 Gb/s physical layer as specified in ISO 21111-3.
Further relevant parts of ISO 21111 for this type of high speed in-vehicle communications include:

ISO 21111-1 provides general definitions.

ISO 21111-2 defines general wake-up and sleep definitions and RGMII specifications.

ISO 21111-4:2020 is devoted to optical connectivity component specification and tests.

ISO_9001_Certificate_KD (AENOR)

ISO_9001_Certificate_KD (IQNET)

Standard of choice

KDPOF technology has been selected as the standard of choice within IEEE and ETSI, as our integrated circuits use advanced communications techniques to obtain the best performance from the plastic optical fiber channel. 

Among different public recognitions, KDPOF is proud to belong to the exclusive club of Spanish “PYME INNOVADORA” that the Spanish Government provides to the top innovative SME’s in the country.

Pyme innovadora
PYME INNOVADORA Válido hasta el 28 de septiembre de 2024

Horizon 2020 SME Project: CarNet

KDPOF proudly announces the successful completion of the H2020 Project, a considerable EU Research and Innovation program running from 2014 to 2020. 

KDPOF’s target was to take the next steps into replicating and validating their Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) technology to implement and standardize a robust solution in the automotive industry after having successfully launched and qualified a family of ASICs for the consumer and professional markets.



KDPOF is a privately owned Spanish company, backed by a diverse group of private, financial, and technology-based investors, including:

Institutional Support

Individual Investors

President, CEO, Co-founder
CTO and Co-founder


KiboVentures is a Madrid-based Venture Capital firm that invests in early-stage digital companies.

La Caixa, Spanish bank, through its “Caixa Capital TIC” fund.

Bullnet Capital is a technology focused venture capital firm based in Spain.


KDPOF technology can be tailored to specific applications in order to provide the best trade-off among implementation complexity, achievable performance, and target cost. 

That is why we believe in the value of an early collaboration with our partners, from the beginning stages of product development. Not only will this enable an optimum co-design of the different system parts (digital processing, mixed signal front ends, and optoelectronics), this collaboration translates into a high integration level and important reductions of the BOM (Bill of Materials) and costs in the final products.

KDPOF is a proud member of the following groups:

Optica Global Community: OPTICA

Spanish Platform of Photonics: Fotonica21

Automotive SiG for Ethernet in automotive: OPEN

Southern Europe Cluster of Photonics: SECPHO

European Photonics Industry Consortium: EPIC

Association representing the digital technology industry in Spain: Ametic

Spanish Semiconductor Industry Association: AESEMI

Strategic alliances

KDPOF has established strategic alliances with leading technology providers around the optoelectronics technology: