Multi-gigabit Optical Automotive Communications at ESSCIRC 2023

At ESSCIRC 2023, KDPOF presented multi-gigabit optical automotive communications

We’re excited about the successful workshop and the great interest for our multi-gigabit demo at the recent ESSCIRC 2023, IEEE 49th European Solid-State Circuits Conference, in Lisbon, Portugal. For the all-day workshop “Multi-gigabit Optical Automotive Communications” we had joined forces with our partner companies Corning, TRUMPF Photonic Components, MD Elektronik, Bosch, and Keysight Technologies. Our exclusive and brand-new multi-gigabit demo with a traffic generator from AUKUA Systems unveiled the future of automotive optical networks.

ESSCIRC Workshop Retrospect

Automotive industry is moving towards autonomous driving, which demands a large amount of data to be processed. Optical interconnections are very well positioned because of the high required data rates for connecting sensors and electronic brains with superior EMC performance. Compared with data centers, automotive applications require much wider range of operating temperatures (-40 ºC to 125 ºC) and superior reliability. A new optical physical layer standard has been developed, IEEE Std 802.3cz, supporting rates between 2.5 and 50 Gb/s. The workshop brought together points of view of the main actors involved in the complete solution, i. e. car manufacturer, network, ECU manufacturer, fiber cable interconnections, test and measurement, reliability, photonics, and IC design as well as packaging.


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