Revolutionize In-Vehicle Networks with KD9351: A Cost-Efficient 1 Gb/s Fiber Optic Transceiver.

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The integrated KD9351 Fiber Optic Transceiver (FOT) further reduces costs for optical in-vehicle networks at 1 Gb/s. KDPOF significantly lowers costs for the KD9351 by constructing the transimpedance amplifier, photodiode, LED driver, and LED as one single device.

Additional benefits are a shorter supply chain and no test duplication with the final test at the Tier1. Furthermore, the assembly of the FOT and the existing KD1053 IC is simplified and the connector offers snap-fit without soldering.

Incorporating the transmit and receive optoelectronics into one single component, the KD9351 is an optical transceiver for 100 Mb/s up to 1 Gb/s with a small footprint.

Compared to STP (shielded twisted pair of copper wires), the combination of the new KD9351 FOT with the continuing KD1053 IC cuts the cost for 1 Gb/s by 30 percent. The integrated device provides enhanced efficiency and flexibility.

The KD9351 reuses low-cost MEMs encapsulation and allows SMD reflow assembly with 8 by 7 mm LGA components. It is fully shielded against electromagnetic radiation. Fiber connection is done with a very simple plastic connector placed on top. The temperature range, from -40 °C to +105 °C, conforms with harsh automotive environmental requirements.

The FOT withstands motor conditions with a vibration class of V2. Additionally, the device endures water without sealing. EMC performance is excellent even with the ECU shield case removed, as shielding is integrated into the PCB component. Optics implement Tx and Rx lenses.

Applications for the new KD9351, with competitive pricing for EMC critical or galvanic isolated critical links, include safe Ethernet backbones and sensor links for advanced driver assist systems (ADAS).

The KDPOF EVB9351AUT is a board for a comprehensive evaluation of the KDPOF KD9351 and KD1053 transceivers for automotive optical 1000BASE-RHC PHY implementation. 

The EVB9351AUT platform provides all the functional and performance evaluation capabilities requested by the automotive OEM, TIER-1 or test house, enabling product designers to successfully evaluate KDPOF’s technology and to shorten the time to market.

The board may be used in different setups such as to evaluate the KD1053. Design documentation as well as SDK software is provided together with the board. 

Download the brochure for the EVB9351AUT Evaluation Board for 1000BASE-RHC Automotive Bridge

Video: Connection and Traffic Testing with the Automotive Evaluation Kit

The extensive evaluation kit EVK9351AUT equips OEMs, Tier1s, and test houses to fully evaluate the KDPOF automotive transceivers KD9351 and KD1053 for automotive optical 1000BASE-RHC PHY implementation.

The new KD9351 IC (7 mm x 8 mm LGA-36) implements the PMD sublayer of the physical layer; while the current KD1053 (7 mm x 7 mm QFN-56) implements the PCS and PMA sublayers as defined in IEEE Std 802.3bvTM-2017.

The kit contains 2 EVB9351AUT evaluation boards, 2 evaluation board metal enclosures (optional), 2 1000BASE-T SFP modules, 2 100BASE-TX SFP modules (optional), 1 USB2ALL monitoring box, 1 optical harness, 2 Cat. 5e UTP cables, 2 direct-attach passive SFP twinax cables (optional), as well as user and design documentation.

Download the Automotive Evaluation Kit Brochure

Video: Connection and Traffic Testing with the Automotive Evaluation Kit