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Job Opening: R&D Project Manager
Carlos Pardo

Carlos Pardo

President, CEO, Co-founder

Mr. Pardo has served as a strategic profile manager in the microelectronics industry and with leading R&D teams. He has extensive knowledge in the high tech silicon industry, as well as in both hardware and software development. 

He previously worked as a technical director in SIDSA managing R&D departments, development products, production, and customer support, among others. 

Mr. Pardo also was part of Hewlett Packard SA Spanish as an R&D engineer for a variety of other business functions and DS2 (Design of Systems on Silicon SA). 

Mr. Pardo holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas de Madrid,(Spain) with an Industrial Engineering ICAI specialization in industrial electronics.

Rubén Pérez de Aranda

Rubén Pérez de Aranda

CTO and Co-founder

Mr. Pérez de Aranda has served +20 years as a profile manager of R&D projects for innovative digital communication systems, covering the path from information theory-based research and innovation to integrated circuits qualification and production. 

His experience covers electronics and photonics device characterization, test and modelling, communications channel modelling, error correcting codes, advance modulations, channel equalization schemes, synchronization algorithms, timing recovery algorithms, signal integrity and electro-magnetics compatibility. 

He is a co-inventor of 9 patents.He served as comment editor and editor-in-chief of the Gigabit Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fiber standard IEEE Std 802.3bv. 

Currently, he actively contributes to the development of the Multi-Gigabit Optical Automotive Ethernet IEEE 802.3cz standard. 

Mr. Pérez de Aranda is IEEE Senior Member and Industrial Engineer with a speciality in Electronics and Automatic Control (with honours) from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain).

Óscar Ciordia

Óscar Ciordia

Sales and Marketing Director

Óscar Ciordia has more than 20 years of experience in electronic systems engineering in multi-national companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Ficosa International and TRW. 

For a period of five years, he had been head of the Spanish National body for automotive safety technology with the target to considerably reduce road fatalities in Spain. 

Óscar Ciordia has a Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Bachelor of arts in Applied Economy. He is Marketing and Sales Director of KDPOF.

Clara Cea D’Ancona

Quality Manager

Clara Cea D’Ancona joined KDPOF as Quality and Environment Manager in 2017. 

She has an extensive experience in different fields: design, quality, environment, engineering, production, and education, with more than 30 years working in large multinational companies (in industries: Automotive, Telecommunication and Consumer Electronics). 

Prior to KDPOF, she was Quality and Environment Director with OrbisTecnologia Electrica. Before that, she was Manufacturing Manager, Quality and Environment Manager and Production Engineer at Hella, including in China. 

Clara also worked as ASIC Design Engineer at HP, Agere Systems, and Alcatel. She has a telecommunication engineering degree from UPM Madrid and a MBA from ESADE Business School. Clara is also an EOQ and a VDA 6.3 auditor.